Ben Lawry
About me
Name: Ben Lawry
Age: 51
Birthday: 11 Feb
School: of Hard Knocks
Favorite book: reading? 
Favorite movie: Tombstone - will you be my Huckleberry
Favorite quote: There is no such thing as a bad day just bad equipment AND a poor attitude.
Ben Lawry
Benjamin C Lawry
Elizabeth McBride
(Happy wife = happy life! :-))
Favorite Vacations
Anywhere on the water, on some hills and out of the city where my cell phone does not work.
NRS, Seals, Stellar

 Outdoor Education Management Diploma, Bicton College, Exeter, GB, 1992
 ACA Advanced WW ITE (L5), Advanced Open Water ITE (L5), Surf L3 ITE, L4 Swift Water Rescue, L1 SUP and former L4WW OC + OC2 coach. 2010 WW Symposium Presenter and 2010, 2012 to 2016 ACA National Paddlesport Conference. Also 2013 and 2014 in Europe. Member, ACA SEIC
2016 awarded ACA Excellence in Instruction Award.
AFAA Certified Personal Trainer 
WMI Wilderness First Responder 2007 - present
 Former BCU Senior Instructor and Advanced Proficiency Inland Kayak & 4 Star Sea
7. Former Swift Water Rescue Technician (SRT) Instructor
8. Former Solo Wilderness First Responder 1996 - 2002
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Ben has been paddling for over 40 years, and teaching/guiding for over 30.  He has taught paddling on five continents and competed on three. Presently he is head instructor/owner of Kayak Camp with his wife, Elizabeth. He is the Technical Representative for Stellar Kayaks in the US and helps with demos, races and events on the West Coast. Ben presented at the National ACA Conference in 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 at the National WW Symposium in 2010. Ben was awarded the ACA Excellence in Instruction Award for 2016. Ben presented at the ACA Europe Conference in 2013, 2014 and 2017. He has led trips and traveled extensively in South America, South Africa, Europe and North America.  Ben splits his time now teaching paddling and working with stores. His work takes him to symposiums, shows, races and paddling rendezvous all over the United States, Europe, South America and Asia.  As a Technical Instructor, he is involved with kayak design in surf skis, sea, touring and white water kayaks as well as helping in designing paddles, accessories and clothing for all disciplines.  His rich experience has led to an in-depth knowledge of instruction/guiding practices and procedures, a strong commitment to quality service, as well as excellent organizational and problem solving skills.  He has competed in sprint, sea kayak, slalom, rodeo, marathon canoe and kayak, outrigger, surf ski and wildwater events. When not addling he rides a bike, runs and does the odd multi-sport event.


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