KayaK Camp


What is it all about?

The Vision:

Free thinking skilled paddlers

The Mission:

To create free thinking, self sufficient, skilled paddlers with a solid base and sound thought processes

The Tactics:

Coaches and Participants agree on working on skills they choose based on below concepts:

  1. 1.We start at the base of the skill.

  2. 2.We build the skill for the long term development of the paddler.

  3. 3.We give direct feedback about the specific skills practiced.

  4. 4.We learn the skill for the shake of the skill and promotion of personal skill development.

  5. 5.We recognize and work with the parts of the skill working towards unconscious competence.

  6. 6.We practice as efficiently as possible in developing our progress.

  7. 7.We work both sides as equally as possible.

  8. 8.To have as much FUN as possible doing the above!

The Result:





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